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Security Branch (SB)

The Security Branch (SB) provides emergency response to threats involving APHIS facilities and employees, and coordinates with local and federal law enforcement for employee protection. The Branch manages security guard contracts for APHIS, conducts security assessments for threat mitigation and loss prevention, and makes recommendations for fencing, locks, lighting, and security alarm and access control systems. The APHIS Security Branch also administers the national badging, physical security, and Biosecurity programs.

The following services are provided by APHIS Security staff members.  Contact your designated Security Official for advice or assistance in these areas.

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Assistance Implementing Countermeasures 
  • Security Advisories
  • Security Policy Development
  • Guard Service Assistance
  • Picture Identification & Electronic Access Cards
  • Security Awareness Information
  • Liaison with New Homeland Security Organization
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

Security Policy Development

All offices in the Western Region &
Building B, Ft. Collins, CO

All offices in the Eastern Region
and the AERO - Raleigh, NC

4700 River Rd., Riverdale, MD

South Building, Washington D.C. 


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Additional Information