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BRS Strategic Plan

BRS' mission is to protect and enhance U.S. agricultural and natural resources using a dynamic, science-based regulatory framework to ensure the safe importation, interstate movement, and environmental release of GE organisms.

BRS will serve as a global leader in advancing a transparent and dynamic regulatory framework that anticipates and responds to the rapidly changing field of agricultural biotechnology, continually builds scientific capacity to accomplish this task, instills public trust, and collaborates with stakeholders.

We hold the following values in common and seek to demonstrate them as we carry out our mission:

  • Communication and Transparency : We communicate clearly and foster an environment that facilitates open exchange of information and ideas.
  • Trustworthiness and Honesty : We earn the confidence of others through the integrity of our actions.
  • Accountability : We accept responsibility for our actions as individuals and as an Agency of the Federal Government.
  • Respect for Diverse Opinions : We value and embrace diversity and treat everyone with dignity, respect, fairness, and compassion.
  • Balance and Consistency : We consider the best available science when making decisions, while also acknowledging the importance of other factors.
  • Flexibility : We adapt and respond effectively and efficiently to new and evolving circumstances.
  • Persistence and Perseverance : We work steadily towards our goals, taking on challenges and doing our jobs to the best of our abilities.
  • Excellence: We commit ourselves to high-quality performance and continuous timely improvement that produces outstanding results of lasting value.

Strategic Goals
BRS has four critical goals to successfully carry out its mission, meet its challenges, and achieve long-term success.

Goal 1. Strengthen Safeguarding
Objective 1 - Develop regulatory policies that are timely and commensurate with risk.
Objective 2 - Enhance the regulatory framework through better regulatory operations.
Objective 3 - Build international regulatory approaches and capacity and provide technical expertise.

Goal 2. Strengthen Incident and Emergency Preparedness and Response
Objective 1 - Respond effectively to emergencies, regulatory events, and compliance incidents.
Objective 2 - Develop partnerships and identify command and coordination roles and responsibilities that are consistent with APHIS' Emergency Mobilization Guide.
Objective 3 - Develop and disseminate information (externally and internally) on emergency management and response functions with BRS.

Goal 3. Improve Communication and Outreach
Objective 1 - Build internal communication systems that are inclusive, consistent, and well coordinated.
Objective 2 - Improve communication with the domestic stakeholders including Federal and State agencies, tribal nations, non-government organizations, and members of the regulated community.
Objective 3 - Determine and use the most critical key communication strategies when working with international partners.

Goal 4. Create a Highly Effective Organization
Objective 1 - Attract and retain a highly-qualified workforce.
Objective 2 - Ensure that budgetary resources are adequate and properly aligned with projected workload and priorities.
Objective 3 - Ensure that the information technology needs of the organization are proactively identified and addressed.
Objective 4 - Document work management systems, procedures, and policies.
Objective 5 - Ensure timely, coordinated, transparent, and effective prevention and response to regulatory decisionmaking challenges.

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