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BRS News and Information Archives: 2010


December 20, 2010
USDA Holds Stakeholder Meeting on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Coexistence

December 16, 2010
USDA Announces Final Environmental Impact Statement for Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

Learn More about Roundup Ready® Alfalfa
View the EIS and Associated Documents
Transcript, Comments by Secretary Vilsack
Audio, Comments by Secretary Vilsack

November 8, 2010
USDA Announces Biotechnology Regulatory Stakeholder Meeting

November 5, 2010
USDA Receives Supplemental Request for Partial Deregulation of Roundup Ready Alfalfa

View Partial Deregulation Request

November 4, 2010
USDA Announces Availability of a Draft Environmental Assessment for Regulatory Options for Roundup Ready Sugar Beet

November 2, 2010
USDA Prepares Draft Environmental Assessment on Regulatory Options for Roundup Ready Sugar Beet

October 8, 2010
USDA Makes Available Request for Partial Deregulation of Roundup Ready Sugar Beet

View Partial Deregulation Request

October 5, 2010
USDA Announces Availablity of BQMS Audit Standard and Evaluation of Comments

September 1, 2010
USDA Announces Next Steps on Sugar Beets

July 19, 2010
USDA Seeks Participation for its Biotechnology Quality Management System Program

June 9, 2010
USDA Deregulates Genetically Engineered High Oleic Soybeans

May 28, 2010
USDA Plans to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement for Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets - Seeks Public Comment on Scope of Issues

May 12, 2010
APHIS Approves Applications for Field Testing of GE Eucalyptus Trees

April 20, 2010
USDA Deregulates Corn Genetically Engineered to Resist Insects

February 16, 2010
USDA Extends Comment Period on Draft EIS for Genetically Engineered Alfalfa 

February 8, 2010
APHIS February 9, 2010 Public Meeting on Genetically Engineered Roundup Ready Alfalfa Draft EIS Rescheduled

January 19, 2010
USDA Reopens Comment Period on Environmental Assessment for Release of Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Hybrid

January 13, 2010
USDA Seeks Public Comment Period on Deregulation of Corn Genentically Engineered for Insect Resistance

January 12, 2010
USDA Announces Public Meetings on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Roundup Ready® Alfalfa 

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