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Committee Members

Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Animal Health – Committee Members

Ms. Stacey M. Evans, American Bar Association vice chair for the animal law committee from Maryland/Washington, DC

Dr. John R. Fischer, a wildlife veterinarian from Georgia

Dr. Wayne R. Freese, a veterinarian in swine health and preventative medicine and biologics consultant from Minnesota

Mr. Adam D. Hater, a general manager of Jones Fish Hatcheries and Distributors, Inc. from Ohio

Dr. Donald E. Hoenig, former Maine State Veterinarian

Dr. Annette B. Jones, State Veterinarian and Director of Animal Health and Food Safety Services from California

Dr. Karen R. Jordan, an owner-manager of Brush Creek Swiss Farms and Large Veterinary Services from North Carolina

Ms. Mary Ann Kniebel, a rancher and feedlot nutritionist from Kansas

Ms. Judith I. McGeary, an agricultural law attorney and sustainable farmer from Texas

Dr. David L. Meeker, a senior vice president of the National Renderers Association from Virginia

Dr. Edmund Orok-Edem, a public health veterinarian from New York

Dr. Boyd H. Parr, State Veterinarian from South Carolina at Clemson University

Dr. Willie M. Reed, Dean of Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine from Indiana

Dr. G. Donald Ritter, a veterinarian and Director of Health Services from Maryland

Dr. David R. Smith, an expert in epidemiology and preventative veterinary medicine from Mississippi

Mr. Gilles Stockton, a ranch operator and farmer from Montana

Mr. R. Scott Stuart, CEO of National Livestock Producers Association from Colorado

Mr. Brian D. Thomas, a cattle producer on Duck Valley Reservation from Nevada

Dr. Elizabeth K. Wagstrom, Chief Veterinarian for National Pork Producers Council from Minnesota

Dr. Cindy B. Wolf, a sheep and cattle farmer and small ruminant specialist from Minnesota

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