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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animals, animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from where the product will be exported (or the area in which your office is located).

Animal Products

Live Animals

Norway - Summary of Requirements for Animals

Norway is not part of the European Union (EU) but has adopted EU legislation for import of most species of live animals, semen, and embryos. Norway will accept an English-only health certificate. For species/commodities not listed below, please refer to the European Union website.



Pet dogs, cats, and ferrets must be identified with a microchip compatible with ISO standard 11784 or 11785 or the appropriate microchip reader must be provided along with the pet. Microchip implantation must occur PRIOR to rabies vaccination. Any rabies vaccination that occurs prior to microchip implantation is not considered valid regardless of whether the animal was up-to-date on its previous rabies vaccines. In this case, the animal must be revaccinated. 21 days must have elapsed after the first (primary) vaccination after implantation of the microchip before the animal is eligible to enter Norway. A rabies vaccination is considered primary if either: (1) an animal was up-to-date on its rabies vaccination but vaccination occurred prior to microchip implantation, (2) vaccination was not carried out within the period of validity of a previous vaccination, or (3) the animal was vaccinated for the first time.

Dogs must have been treated against Echinococcus multilocularis (tapeworm) with a medicine containing praziquantel between 24 and 120 hours (1-5 days) prior to arrival in Norway. This requirement does not apply to cats or ferrets.

Pet dogs, cats and ferrets that do not travel on the same airplane as their owners or another person designated by the owner are subject to the same requirements as animals imported for commercial purposes.

Norway accepts an English-only health certificate for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Additional information on importing non-commercial dogs, cats and ferrets into Norway.

For species not listed, the requirements are not known. However, exporters wanting to ship livestock or germplasm whose requirements are not listed in the IREGS, should have the interested party (importer/buyer) in the country of destination apply for an Import Permit at the appropriate ministry. This Import Permit will most likely outline the specific requirements.

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