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No Import Permit Required

These materials do not require a USDA import permit, but will be reviewed at the port of entry.

1100 Human Pharmaceuticals and Human Vaccines Containing Animal Components

1101 Human and Non-Human Primate Material (excluding cell cultures)

1102 Feline and Canine Material

1103 Live Laboratory Mammals and Their Material (for research purposes)

1104 Amphibians, Fish, Reptiles, Shellfish and Aquatic Species(includes venom) Revised June 2014

1105 Chemically Synthesized Materials

1110 Microbially Produced Materials

1114 Recombinant Microbes and Their Products

1116 Non-pathogenic Microorganisms

1119 Pet Chews / Treats made of Antlers or Rawhide

1120 Cell Cultures/Lines, Recombinant Cell Cultures/Lines, and Their Products (for in vitro use)

1121 Test Kits

1122 Vitamins and Minerals


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