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Fruits and Vegetable Permit Information

APHIS Proposes to Streamline the Fruit and Vegetable Import Approval Process
APHIS proposes to expand the use of a notice-based process for the approval of all new fruit and vegetable imports into the United States and for the interstate movement of fruits and vegetables from Hawaii and the U.S. territories. Learn more.

USDA requires a written permit for importing fresh and/or frozen fruits and vegetables (including fresh herbs and sprouts) for consumption from all foreign sources into the United States and its territories.

A summary of basic requirements for imported fruits and vegetables is available on the Internet at the Fruits and Vegetables Import Requirements (FAVIR) Database or in the PDF electronic USDA, APHIS, PPQ, Fruit and Vegetable Manual.

  • Apply for a Permit - Use PPQ Form 587, Application for Permit to Import Plants or Plant Products


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Frequently Asked Questions 
View a list of the commonly asked questions and concerns associated with the application process for a fruit and vegetable permit.


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