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Data Formats

Data Formats


These pages include several examples of arraying data in formats that make them easy to import and use in any software environment. Data submitted in these formats will expedite regulatory review.

What is a Format?

A format is the array of data in one or more structured tables in a way that reveals their nature, relationship, and structure. Organizing the data in this way makes them suitable for any common data manipulation task such as statistical analysis, graphical display, tabular summaries, and database management.

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In addition to the raw data, certain additional information will further expedite processing. The variables table in the General Format illustrates that type of information.

File Types

While the data tables may be submitted in any common electronic file type, comma delimited (.csv) text files are ideal for submitting to the CVB. Such files have several advantages. They are portable across platforms and software. They are easily generated by statistical software packages. They may also be written and viewed in Microsoft Excel.

The Submission Process

CVB Statistics uses tools developed in-house for the analysis of submissions. When data are submitted in a suitable Data Format, these tools can be applied directly. If data does not conform to the appropriate Data Formats, the submission may have to undergo further manipulation by CVB Statistics staff. This additional work may extend the time needed for statistical analysis.





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