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Program Data Report F - 2016
Wildlife Diseases/Conditions Sampled by Wildlife Services
State: All States

(This Pie Chart displays percentages for Diseases/Conditions where more than 1,000 samples were taken by Wildlife Services.)

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Disease/ConditionSpecies SampledNumber of Samples
Aleutian Disease VirusOpossums, Virginia8
Aleutian Disease VirusRaccoons1
Aleutian Disease VirusSkunks, Striped107
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   116
AspergillosisGulls, Black-Backed, Great1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1
Avian BornavirusDoves, Mourning2
Avian BornavirusDucks, Northern Pintail24
Avian BornavirusDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged11
Avian BornavirusDucks, Whistling, Black-Bellied1
Avian BornavirusGeese, Canada31
Avian BornavirusGulls, California8
Avian BornavirusGulls, Franklin`s2
Avian BornavirusHawks, Red-Tailed1
Avian BornavirusKilldeers2
Avian BornavirusPigeons, Feral (Rock)3
Avian BornavirusVultures, Black23
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   108
Avian CholeraDucks, American Black18
Avian CholeraDucks, Mallards3
Avian CholeraGeese, Canada115
Avian CholeraGulls, California8
Avian CholeraGulls, Franklin`s2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   146
Avian InfluenzaCormorants, Double-Crested32
Avian InfluenzaCrows, American2
Avian InfluenzaDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)12
Avian InfluenzaDucks, American Black227
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Bufflehead125
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Canvasback204
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Eider, Common8
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Feral56
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Gadwalls1,928
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Goldeneyes, Common15
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Long-Tailed12
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Mallards8,147
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Merganser, Hooded5
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Merganser, Red-Breasted2
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Mottled12
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Muscovy34
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Northern Pintail943
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Redhead385
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Ring-Necked519
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Ruddy231
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Scaup, Lesser251
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Scaups, Greater4
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Shovelers, Northern1,539
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged1,524
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teal, Cinnamon585
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teals, Green-Winged2,781
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Wigeon, American1,085
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Wigeon, Eurasian2
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Wood1,916
Avian InfluenzaEagles, Golden3
Avian InfluenzaFalcons, American Kestrels14
Avian InfluenzaFalcons, Prairie3
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Canada173
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Ross`s154
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Snow, Greater88
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Snow, Lesser736
Avian InfluenzaGeese, White-Fronted, Greater33
Avian InfluenzaGrouse, Sage, Greater5
Avian InfluenzaGulls, Black-Backed, Great4
Avian InfluenzaGulls, California8
Avian InfluenzaGulls, Franklin`s2
Avian InfluenzaGulls, Herring11
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Broad-Winged6
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Cooper`s4
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Red-Shouldered12
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Red-Tailed154
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Swainson`s4
Avian InfluenzaOwls, Barred7
Avian InfluenzaOwls, Great Horned30
Avian InfluenzaSwans, Mute58
Avian InfluenzaTurkeys, Wild2
Avian InfluenzaVultures, Black112
Avian InfluenzaVultures, Turkey3
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   24212
Avian ParamyxovirusCowbirds, Brown-Headed25
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Feral7
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Goldeneyes, Common1
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Mallards92
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Northern Pintail1
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Scaups, Greater2
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Shovelers, Northern2
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Teals, Green-Winged32
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Wigeon, American2
Avian ParamyxovirusGeese, Canada66
Avian ParamyxovirusGulls, California8
Avian ParamyxovirusGulls, Franklin`s2
Avian ParamyxovirusPigeons, Feral (Rock)30
Avian ParamyxovirusStarlings, European16
Avian ParamyxovirusSwans, Mute65
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   351
Avian TuberculosisGeese, Canada115
Avian TuberculosisGulls, California8
Avian TuberculosisGulls, Franklin`s2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   125
Bighorn Pneumonia ComplexGoats, Feral2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2
BotulismDucks, Mallards6
BotulismGeese, Canada5
BotulismGrebes, Eared1
BotulismGulls, California8
BotulismGulls, Franklin`s2
BotulismSwans, Mute6
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   28
Bovine BrucellosisSwine, Feral181
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   181
Bovine TuberculosisDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)26
Bovine TuberculosisOpossums, Virginia10
Bovine TuberculosisRaccoons99
Bovine TuberculosisSwine, Feral27
Bovine TuberculosisWoodchucks6
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   168
Canine DistemperCoyotes71
Canine DistemperFoxes, Gray6
Canine DistemperRaccoons2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   79
Canine HeartwormCoyotes3
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   3
Chronic Wasting DiseaseDeer, Mule2
Chronic Wasting DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Captive)16
Chronic Wasting DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)479
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   497
Classical Swine FeverSwine, Feral2,023
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2023
Disease (Non-Specific)Bobcats1
Disease (Non-Specific)Coots, American28
Disease (Non-Specific)Coyotes62
Disease (Non-Specific)Deer, Mule1
Disease (Non-Specific)Fishers2
Disease (Non-Specific)Foxes, Gray1
Disease (Non-Specific)Gulls, Herring1
Disease (Non-Specific)Hawks, Swainson`s1
Disease (Non-Specific)Lions, Mountain (Cougar)6
Disease (Non-Specific)Mice, House1
Disease (Non-Specific)Opossums, Virginia3
Disease (Non-Specific)Pigeons, Feral (Rock)32
Disease (Non-Specific)Rabbits, Cottontails, Desert3
Disease (Non-Specific)Raccoons1
Disease (Non-Specific)Ravens, Common5
Disease (Non-Specific)Skunks, Striped2
Disease (Non-Specific)Sparrows, House1
Disease (Non-Specific)Squirrels, Ground, California7
Disease (Non-Specific)Swine, Feral1,423
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1581
Disease (Other)Coyotes1
Disease (Other)Deer, White-Tailed (Wild)14
Disease (Other)Ducks, Mallards1
Disease (Other)Mongooses, Indian11
Disease (Other)Swine, Feral849
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   876
EchinococcosisFoxes, Red3
EchinococcosisWolves, Gray/Timber6
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   30
Epizootic Hemorrhagic DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)499
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   499
Equine Encephalitis (Eastern)Geese, Canada1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   111
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseCormorants, Double-Crested18
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseCranes, Sandhill3
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDoves, Mourning12
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Goldeneye, Barrow`s1
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Mallards55
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Ring-Necked1
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Scaups, Greater1
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Shovelers, Northern3
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged4
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Teals, Green-Winged15
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDucks, Wood2
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGeese, Canada270
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGeese, White-Fronted, Greater1
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, California16
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Franklin`s2
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Herring1
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Mew1
Exotic Newcastle DiseasePelicans, American White8
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   414
GeneticDeer, White-Tailed (Captive)23
GeneticFoxes, Red1
GeneticLions, Mountain (Cougar)2
GeneticStarlings, European32
GeneticSwine, Feral904
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1032
LeadFoxes, Red1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1
LeptospirosisFoxes, Gray33
LeptospirosisFoxes, Red65
LeptospirosisOpossums, Virginia16
LeptospirosisSkunks, Striped62
LeptospirosisSwine, Feral432
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1564
NeosporosisSwine, Feral4
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   4
PlagueBats, Mexican Free Tail1
PlagueBears, Black21
PlagueBears, Grizzly2
PlagueCats, Feral/Free Ranging20
PlagueDeer, Mule1
PlagueDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)2
PlagueDogs, Feral, Free-Ranging And Hybrids11
PlagueFoxes, Gray121
PlagueFoxes, Red30
PlagueHares, Jackrabbits, Black-Tailed14
PlagueLions, Mountain (Cougar)40
PlagueMice, House1
PlagueOpossums, Virginia20
PlaguePeccaries, Collared (Javelina)15
PlaguePocket Gophers, Botta`s8
PlagueRabbits, Cottontails, Desert65
PlagueSkunks, Hog-Nosed9
PlagueSkunks, Hooded16
PlagueSkunks, Spotted2
PlagueSkunks, Striped121
PlagueSquirrels, Ground, California8
PlagueSquirrels, Ground, Round-Tailed9
PlagueSquirrels, Rock5
PlagueSwine, Feral61
PlagueWolves, Gray/Timber7
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   3170
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaSwine, Feral33
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   33
Porcine Reprod/Resp SyndromeSwine, Feral2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2
PseudorabiesSwine, Feral2,017
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2017
RabiesBats (Other)76
RabiesBats, Brown, Big19
RabiesBats, Cave Myotis7
RabiesBats, Hoary1
RabiesBats, Lesser Long-Nosed15
RabiesBats, Mexican Free Tail21
RabiesBats, Pallid10
RabiesBats, Pipistrelles, Western (Canyon Bat)32
RabiesBats, Western Yellow1
RabiesBears, Black2
RabiesBears, Grizzly1
RabiesCats, Feral/Free Ranging52
RabiesChipmunks, Eastern1
RabiesDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1
RabiesFoxes, Arctic221
RabiesFoxes, Gray422
RabiesFoxes, Red221
RabiesHares, Snowshoe1
RabiesMartens, Pine10
RabiesOpossums, Virginia16
RabiesOtters, River6
RabiesPeccaries, Collared (Javelina)9
RabiesPocket Gophers, Botta`s1
RabiesRabbits, Cottontail6
RabiesSkunks, Hog-Nosed80
RabiesSkunks, Hooded114
RabiesSkunks, Spotted10
RabiesSkunks, Striped2,186
RabiesSquirrels, Eastern Gray3
RabiesSquirrels, Fox2
RabiesWeasels (Other)2
RabiesWolves, Gray/Timber56
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   17881
Raccoon RoundwormRaccoons1,337
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1337
Roundworms:OtherFoxes, Gray29
Roundworms:OtherFoxes, Red30
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   59
SalmonellaGeese, Canada1
SalmonellaPigeons, Feral (Rock)195
SalmonellaSparrows, House1
SalmonellaStarlings, European123
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   320
Swine BrucellosisSwine, Feral1,967
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1967
Swine InfluenzaSwine, Feral54
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   54
Ticks:AllDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1
Ticks:AllHares, Jackrabbits, Black-Tailed4
Ticks:AllRabbits, Cottontails, Desert1
Ticks:AllSkunks, Striped1
Ticks:AllSwine, Feral6
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   13
ToxoplasmosisSwine, Feral139
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   140
TrichinellosisSwine, Feral3
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   3
TularemiaBats, Mexican Free Tail1
TularemiaBears, Black21
TularemiaBears, Grizzly2
TularemiaCats, Feral/Free Ranging20
TularemiaDeer, Mule1
TularemiaDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)2
TularemiaDogs, Feral, Free-Ranging And Hybrids11
TularemiaFoxes, Gray44
TularemiaFoxes, Red69
TularemiaHares, Jackrabbits, Black-Tailed14
TularemiaLions, Mountain (Cougar)40
TularemiaMice, House1
TularemiaOpossums, Virginia24
TularemiaOtters, River1
TularemiaPeccaries, Collared (Javelina)15
TularemiaPocket Gophers, Botta`s8
TularemiaRabbits, Cottontail11
TularemiaRabbits, Cottontails, Desert65
TularemiaRabbits, Cottontails, Eastern7
TularemiaSkunks, Hog-Nosed9
TularemiaSkunks, Hooded16
TularemiaSkunks, Spotted2
TularemiaSkunks, Striped125
TularemiaSquirrels, Ground, California8
TularemiaSquirrels, Ground, Round-Tailed9
TularemiaSquirrels, Rock5
TularemiaSwine, Feral72
TularemiaWolves, Gray/Timber7
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2603
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Eider, Common271
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Eider, King2
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Long-Tailed2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   275
West Nile VirusCrows, American9
West Nile VirusDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)392
West Nile VirusGeese, Canada9
West Nile VirusRavens, Common1
West Nile VirusTurtles, Common Map1
West Nile VirusTurtles, Common Snapping24
West Nile VirusTurtles, Painted76
West Nile VirusTurtles, Slider43
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   555
Grand Totals: Number of Disease/Conditions:   42 Number of Samples:   64582

"Other Disease/Condition" category contains those which had less than 1,000 samples taken by Wildlife Services. The sample types below are included in the "Other Disease / Condition" Category:
  • Aleutian Disease Virus   (116 samples)
  • Aspergillosis   (1 samples)
  • Avian Bornavirus   (108 samples)
  • Avian Cholera   (146 samples)
  • Avian Paramyxovirus   (351 samples)
  • Avian Tuberculosis   (125 samples)
  • Bighorn Pneumonia Complex   (2 samples)
  • Botulism   (28 samples)
  • Bovine Brucellosis   (181 samples)
  • Bovine Tuberculosis   (168 samples)
  • Canine Distemper   (79 samples)
  • Canine Heartworm   (3 samples)
  • Chronic Wasting Disease   (497 samples)
  • Disease (Other)   (876 samples)
  • Echinococcosis   (30 samples)
  • Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease   (499 samples)
  • Equine Encephalitis (Eastern)   (1 samples)
  • Erlichiosis   (111 samples)
  • Exotic Newcastle Disease   (414 samples)
  • Lead   (1 samples)
  • Neosporosis   (4 samples)
  • Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea   (33 samples)
  • Porcine Reprod/Resp Syndrome   (2 samples)
  • Roundworms:Other   (59 samples)
  • Salmonella   (320 samples)
  • Swine Influenza   (54 samples)
  • Ticks:All   (13 samples)
  • Toxoplasmosis   (140 samples)
  • Trichinellosis   (3 samples)
  • Wellfeet Bay Virus   (275 samples)
  • West Nile Virus   (555 samples) | Policies & Links | Digital Strategy | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement
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