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Program Data Report F - 2015
Wildlife Diseases/Conditions Sampled by Wildlife Services
State: All States

(This Pie Chart displays percentages for Diseases/Conditions where more than 1,000 samples were taken by Wildlife Services.)

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Disease/ConditionSpecies SampledNumber of Samples
Avian BornavirusCormorants, Double-Crested106
Avian BornavirusCowbirds, Brown-Headed3
Avian BornavirusDoves, Mourning22
Avian BornavirusGeese, Canada72
Avian BornavirusGulls, Black-Backed, Great3
Avian BornavirusGulls, Herring22
Avian BornavirusGulls, Laughing12
Avian BornavirusGulls, Ring-Billed4
Avian BornavirusPigeons, Feral (Rock)25
Avian BornavirusStarlings, European10
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   279
Avian InfluenzaChickens, Feral/Free Ranging44
Avian InfluenzaCoots, American80
Avian InfluenzaCormorants, Double-Crested71
Avian InfluenzaCranes, Sandhill1
Avian InfluenzaCrows, American12
Avian InfluenzaDoves, Mourning1
Avian InfluenzaDucks, American Black441
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Bufflehead15
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Canvasback38
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Feral250
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Gadwalls509
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Goldeneye, Barrow`s6
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Goldeneyes, Common1
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Mallards3,390
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Merganser, Hooded9
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Mottled98
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Muscovy1
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Northern Pintail284
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Redhead20
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Ring-Necked58
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Ruddy29
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Scaup, Lesser8
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Scaups, Greater8
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Shovelers, Northern221
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged887
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teal, Cinnamon126
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Teals, Green-Winged268
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Whistling, Black-Bellied8
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Wigeon, American118
Avian InfluenzaDucks, Wood1,999
Avian InfluenzaEagles, Bald1
Avian InfluenzaEgrets, Cattle1
Avian InfluenzaFalcons, American Kestrels11
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Canada433
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Snow, Greater7
Avian InfluenzaGeese, Snow, Lesser54
Avian InfluenzaGeese, White-Fronted, Greater2
Avian InfluenzaGrouse, Sharp-Tailed1
Avian InfluenzaGulls, Herring4
Avian InfluenzaGulls, Ring-Billed4
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Broad-Winged2
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Cooper`s3
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Ferruginous4
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Red-Shouldered12
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Red-Tailed80
Avian InfluenzaHawks, Swainson`s12
Avian InfluenzaHerons, Green1
Avian InfluenzaHerons, Night, Black-Crowned1
Avian InfluenzaIbises, White1
Avian InfluenzaMoorhens, Hawaiian, Common (T/E)3
Avian InfluenzaOwls, Common Barn3
Avian InfluenzaOwls, Great Horned17
Avian InfluenzaPheasants, Ring-Necked1
Avian InfluenzaStilts, Black-Necked6
Avian InfluenzaSwans, Mute74
Avian InfluenzaSwans, Trumpeter2
Avian InfluenzaSwine, Feral2
Avian InfluenzaTurkeys, Wild14
Avian InfluenzaVultures, Black8
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   9765
Avian ParamyxovirusBlackbirds, Red-Winged14
Avian ParamyxovirusCormorants, Double-Crested18
Avian ParamyxovirusCranes, Sandhill1
Avian ParamyxovirusCrows, American1
Avian ParamyxovirusDoves, Collared, Eurasian12
Avian ParamyxovirusDoves, Mourning5
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Goldeneye, Barrow`s2
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Goldeneyes, Common2
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Mallards110
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Northern Pintail23
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Scaups, Greater7
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged2
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Teals, Green-Winged4
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Wigeon, American10
Avian ParamyxovirusDucks, Wood1
Avian ParamyxovirusEgrets, Great3
Avian ParamyxovirusFalcons, American Kestrels1
Avian ParamyxovirusGeese, Canada218
Avian ParamyxovirusGulls, Laughing5
Avian ParamyxovirusHawks, Red-Tailed17
Avian ParamyxovirusHerons, Great Blue2
Avian ParamyxovirusKilldeers1
Avian ParamyxovirusMeadowlarks, Eastern1
Avian ParamyxovirusPigeons, Feral (Rock)44
Avian ParamyxovirusStarlings, European39
Avian ParamyxovirusSwans, Mute36
Avian ParamyxovirusVultures, Turkey2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   581
BluetongueDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)26
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   26
BotulismDucks, American Black1
BotulismDucks, Bufflehead1
BotulismDucks, Gadwalls1
BotulismDucks, Mallards8
BotulismDucks, Ring-Necked1
BotulismDucks, Shovelers, Northern1
BotulismDucks, Teal, Blue-Winged1
BotulismDucks, Wigeon, American1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   15
Bovine BrucellosisSwine, Feral45
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   45
Canine DistemperCoyotes170
Canine DistemperRaccoons4
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   174
Chronic Wasting DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Captive)9
Chronic Wasting DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1,392
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1401
Classical Swine FeverSwine, Feral2,209
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2209
Disease (Non-Specific)Coyotes48
Disease (Non-Specific)Crows, American5
Disease (Non-Specific)Deer, Mule81
Disease (Non-Specific)Deer, White-Tailed (Wild)52
Disease (Non-Specific)Ducks, Gadwalls10
Disease (Non-Specific)Ducks, Mallards78
Disease (Non-Specific)Ducks, Redhead1
Disease (Non-Specific)Ducks, Teal, Cinnamon12
Disease (Non-Specific)Ducks, Wood2
Disease (Non-Specific)Foxes, Red4
Disease (Non-Specific)Hawks, Ferruginous1
Disease (Non-Specific)Hawks, Red-Tailed1
Disease (Non-Specific)Marmots/Woodchucks (All)1
Disease (Non-Specific)Owls, Great Horned1
Disease (Non-Specific)Plovers, Black-Bellied2
Disease (Non-Specific)Raccoons3
Disease (Non-Specific)Skunks, Striped3
Disease (Non-Specific)Snipes, Wilson`s4
Disease (Non-Specific)Swine, Feral1,016
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1325
Disease (Other)Coyotes71
Disease (Other)Deer, White-Tailed (Wild)24
Disease (Other)Ducks, Mallards9
Disease (Other)Ducks, Teal, Blue-Winged2
Disease (Other)Ducks, Wood1
Disease (Other)Egrets, Great3
Disease (Other)Falcons, American Kestrels1
Disease (Other)Falcons, Prairie2
Disease (Other)Foxes, Gray33
Disease (Other)Foxes, Red1
Disease (Other)Geese, Canada12
Disease (Other)Hawks, Ferruginous2
Disease (Other)Hawks, Red-Tailed9
Disease (Other)Herons, Great Blue2
Disease (Other)Killdeers1
Disease (Other)Raccoons1
Disease (Other)Swine, Feral727
Disease (Other)Vultures, Turkey2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   903
E.ColiSwine, Feral31
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   31
EchinococcosisFoxes, Red1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   28
Epizootic Hemorrhagic DiseaseDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)520
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   520
Equine Encephalitis (Eastern)Swans, Mute392
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   392
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseCormorants, Double-Crested69
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseCowbirds, Brown-Headed3
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseDoves, Mourning22
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGeese, Canada245
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Black-Backed, Great3
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Herring22
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Laughing12
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseGulls, Ring-Billed4
Exotic Newcastle DiseasePigeons, Feral (Rock)25
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseStarlings, European10
Exotic Newcastle DiseaseSwans, Mute16
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   431
Flukes:OtherSwine, Feral6
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   6
Foot And Mouth DiseaseSwine, Feral5
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   5
GeneticSwine, Feral941
GeneticWolves, Gray/Timber7
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   954
GiardiasisSwine, Feral29
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   29
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   13
LeptospirosisDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)3
LeptospirosisFoxes, Gray23
LeptospirosisFoxes, Red13
LeptospirosisOpossums, Virginia2
LeptospirosisSquirrels, Eastern Gray14
LeptospirosisSwine, Feral286
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1163
Mites:AllFoxes, Red1
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   14
NeosporosisSwine, Feral24
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   24
PlagueBears, Black10
PlagueCats, Feral/Free Ranging1
PlagueDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1
PlagueDogs, Feral, Free-Ranging And Hybrids8
PlagueFoxes, Gray120
PlagueFoxes, Red10
PlagueFoxes, Swift1
PlagueHares, Jackrabbits, Black-Tailed35
PlagueLions, Mountain (Cougar)38
PlaguePeccaries, Collared (Javelina)5
PlaguePrairie Dogs, Gunnison`s2
PlagueRabbits, Cottontail1
PlagueRabbits, Desert Cottontail35
PlagueSkunks, Hog-Nosed1
PlagueSkunks, Hooded21
PlagueSkunks, Spotted1
PlagueSkunks, Striped101
PlagueSquirrels, Ground, California14
PlagueSquirrels, Ground, Round-Tailed8
PlagueSquirrels, Rock12
PlagueSwine, Feral28
PlagueWolves, Gray/Timber9
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2719
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaBlackbirds, Red-Winged8
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaPigeons, Feral (Rock)4
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaSparrows, House34
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaStarlings, European7
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaSwallows, Barn4
Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaSwine, Feral62
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   119
Porcine Reprod/Resp SyndromeSwine, Feral69
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   69
PseudorabiesSwine, Feral2,248
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2250
RabiesBats (All)154
RabiesBears, Grizzly1
RabiesCats, Feral/Free Ranging31
RabiesDeer, Black-Tailed2
RabiesDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1
RabiesDogs, Feral, Free-Ranging And Hybrids1
RabiesFoxes, Arctic142
RabiesFoxes, Gray326
RabiesFoxes, Red155
RabiesMarmots/Woodchucks (All)45
RabiesOpossums, Virginia33
RabiesOtters, River2
RabiesSkunks, Hog-Nosed5
RabiesSkunks, Hooded38
RabiesSkunks, Spotted3
RabiesSkunks, Striped1,699
RabiesSquirrels, Eastern Gray2
RabiesSquirrels, Fox3
RabiesWeasels, Long-Tailed2
RabiesWolves, Gray/Timber39
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   17057
Raccoon RoundwormRaccoons1,246
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   1246
SalmonellaGeese, Canada56
SalmonellaSwine, Feral42
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   98
Swine BrucellosisSwine, Feral2,231
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2231
Swine InfluenzaDucks, Ruddy1
Swine InfluenzaSwine, Feral3,533
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   3534
Ticks:AllSkunks, Striped3
Ticks:AllSwine, Feral26
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   31
ToxoplasmosisDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)7
ToxoplasmosisSwine, Feral81
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   88
TrichinellosisSwine, Feral4
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   4
TularemiaBears, Black9
TularemiaCats, Feral/Free Ranging3
TularemiaCrows, American1
TularemiaDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)1
TularemiaDogs, Feral, Free-Ranging And Hybrids8
TularemiaFoxes, Gray10
TularemiaFoxes, Red31
TularemiaFoxes, Swift1
TularemiaHares, Jackrabbits, Black-Tailed35
TularemiaHawks, Red-Tailed6
TularemiaLions, Mountain (Cougar)37
TularemiaMarmots/Woodchucks (All)4
TularemiaOpossums, Virginia1
TularemiaPeccaries, Collared (Javelina)5
TularemiaPrairie Dogs, Gunnison`s2
TularemiaRabbits, Cottontail46
TularemiaRabbits, Desert Cottontail105
TularemiaSkunks, Hog-Nosed1
TularemiaSkunks, Hooded21
TularemiaSkunks, Spotted1
TularemiaSkunks, Striped49
TularemiaSquirrels, Ground, California14
TularemiaSquirrels, Ground, Round-Tailed8
TularemiaSquirrels, Rock12
TularemiaSwine, Feral83
TularemiaVultures, Turkey1
TularemiaWolves, Gray/Timber9
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   2400
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Eider, Common315
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Merganser, Red-Breasted8
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Scoter, Black11
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Scoter, Surf5
Wellfeet Bay VirusDucks, Scoter, White-Winged2
Wellfeet Bay VirusGulls, Black-Backed, Great8
Wellfeet Bay VirusGulls, Herring2
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   351
West Nile VirusCowbirds, Brown-Headed33
West Nile VirusDeer, White-Tailed (Wild)128
West Nile VirusFoxes, Red3
West Nile VirusJays, Blue2
West Nile VirusRaccoons1
West Nile VirusStarlings, European8
West Nile VirusTurtles, Common Snapping37
West Nile VirusTurtles, Painted48
West Nile VirusTurtles, Red-Eared Slider50
Subtotals:Number of Samples:   310
Grand Totals: Number of Disease/Conditions:   39 Number of Samples:   52840

"Other Disease/Condition" category contains those which had less than 1,000 samples taken by Wildlife Services. The sample types below are included in the "Other Disease / Condition" Category:
  • Avian Bornavirus   (279 samples)
  • Avian Paramyxovirus   (581 samples)
  • Bluetongue   (26 samples)
  • Botulism   (15 samples)
  • Bovine Brucellosis   (45 samples)
  • Canine Distemper   (174 samples)
  • Disease (Other)   (903 samples)
  • E.Coli   (31 samples)
  • Echinococcosis   (28 samples)
  • Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease   (520 samples)
  • Equine Encephalitis (Eastern)   (392 samples)
  • Exotic Newcastle Disease   (431 samples)
  • Flukes:Other   (6 samples)
  • Foot And Mouth Disease   (5 samples)
  • Genetic   (954 samples)
  • Giardiasis   (29 samples)
  • Lead   (13 samples)
  • Mites:All   (14 samples)
  • Neosporosis   (24 samples)
  • Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea   (119 samples)
  • Porcine Reprod/Resp Syndrome   (69 samples)
  • Salmonella   (98 samples)
  • Ticks:All   (31 samples)
  • Toxoplasmosis   (88 samples)
  • Trichinellosis   (4 samples)
  • Wellfeet Bay Virus   (351 samples)
  • West Nile Virus   (310 samples) | Policies & Links | Digital Strategy | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement
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