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New York ORV Distribution Data



Provisional Data Subject to Revision
The ORV bait distribution data provided here has not received final approval. Subsequent review may result in significant revision to the data. Information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data may be obtained by contacting the state Wildlife Services office or by contacting the National Rabies Management Program.


2013 New York ORV Data
2013 Bait Distribution Report
2013 Bait Distribution Map ( Image | Online Map)
2013 Shapefiles

2012 New York ORV Data
2012 Bait Distribution Report
2012 Bait Distribution Map
2012 Shapefiles

2011 New York ORV Data
2011 Bait Distribution Report
2011 Bait Distribution Map
2011 Shapefiles

2010 New York ORV Data
2010 Bait Distribution Report
2010 Bait Distribution Map
2010 Shapefiles

2009 New York ORV Data
2009 Bait Distribution Report
2009 Bait Distribution Map
2009 Shapefiles

2008 New York ORV Data
2008 Bait Distribution Report
2008 Bait Distribution Map
2008 Shapefiles

2007 New York ORV Data
2007 Bait Distribution Report
2007 Bait Distribution Map
2007 Shapefiles

2006 New York ORV Data
2006 Bait Distribution Report
2006 Bait Distribution Map
2006 Shapefiles

2005 New York ORV Data
2005 Bait Distribution Report
2005 Bait Distribution Map
2005 Shapefiles

Last Modified: September 22, 2010

2012 WS Informational Notebook