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Wildlife Damage Management

Livestock and Other Agricultural Resources


Livestock is produced throughout the U.S. and WS assists many farms, ranches, hobby operators, and land management entities to protect their livestock and other agricultural resources from wildlife damage.  Click on this link to find information about these activities.

Research Articles

More about Research Articles

Click here to read and view the appropriate research articles and National Agriculture Statistics Service surveys relating to livestock protection and damage.

State Programs


Multiple states are participating in Livestock and other resources protection programs. Click here to view the participating states and a showcase of their specific programs.

Program Data Reports

More about PDRs

These reports and pages have been developed to provide the American public with access to information about the many facets of the WS Wildlife Damage Management Program.  We take pride in our partnerships and cooperation with American resource owners in developing and implementing sound, science-based projects which are designed to reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife. Click here to view relevant reports regarding Livestock protection.

Last Modified: December 15, 2008

2012 WS Informational Notebook


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