USDA Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement to Help Reduce Potential Risks during an Animal Health Emergency

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11, 2015— The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is issuing a final environmental impact statement (EIS) for carcass management alternatives that could be implemented during an animal health emergency.

Livestock carcasses in large numbers can present a potential environmental risk. The agency must effectively manage carcasses in a mass animal health emergency to reduce potential risks to humans, livestock, and the surrounding environment.

In the EIS, the agency evaluated three alternatives, including:

The EIS finds that carcasses resulting from an animal health emergency can be disposed of safely using a variety of available methods.  The EIS is not specific to any one animal disease.  The findings of the EIS will be used to support animal health emergency planning and decision-making.

The final EIS is available at:

The notice of availability for the final EIS is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Friday, December 18.