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U.S. Proposes Change to Import Requirements of Apple and Pear Fruit from Eight EU Countries

USDA will allow importation of fresh apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) and pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruit from eight European Union member countries using a systems approach. The amendment of  ยง 319.56-22 replaces the current preclearance program required for fresh apple and pear fruit imports from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Poland Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. The proposed systems approach requires commercial shipments of fresh apple and pear fruit from these countries to be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate, with additional declaration followed by port of entry inspection. The proposed risk mitigation measures consist of orchard and packing house certification, inspection of registered orchards twice a season, orchard pest control and sanitation, post-harvest safeguards, fruit culling, traceback, sampling, and cold treatment against Medfly in countries where the pest is known to occur. The risk mitigation measures are sufficient to safeguard American agriculture from identified pest risks.

-- Docket No. APHIS-2015-0073

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