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International Animal Product Export Regulations



If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations for exporting animals or animal products to a foreign country, you should contact the VS Field Office in the State from which the animals or products will be exported.

Animal Products to Argentina

*ALERT*Important information regarding trade bans and other restrictions - August 2013 (pdf 9kb)

Bovine Hide-Derived Collagen and Gelatin for Human Consumption - July 2014 (pdf 51kb)

Bovine Salted Hides (for Use in Tanneries) - December 2005 (pdf 162kb)

Dairy products for animal feeding - October 2012 (pdf 73kb)

Dairy products for human consumption - October 2012 (pdf 31kb)

Edible Gelatin Derived from Porcine Skins - September 2005 (pdf 197kb)

Facility Registration Requirement of Argentina for Bovine Hide-derived Gelatin and Collagen Products for Human Consumption - January 2014 (pdf 39kb)

Facility Registration Requirement of Argentina for Hides and Skins - March 2010 (pdf 21kb)

Facility Registration Requirement of Argentina for Poultry Cartilage for Further Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry - March 2011 (pdf 30kb)

Ovine greasy wool - November 2004 (pdf 21kb)

Pet food - August 2012 (pdf 16kb)

Poultry Cartilage for Pharmaceutical Industry: Frozen Poultry Cartilage - July 2013 (pdf 89kb)

Poultry Cartilage for Pharmaceutical Industry: Heat Processed Poultry Cartilage and/or Poultry Cartilage Extracts - July 2012 (pdf 57kb)

Poultry feathers and down - February 2012 (pdf 41kb)

Tallow Certificate for industrial use - April 2003 (pdf 50kb)

Thermoprocessed inedible egg derivatives - June 2005 (pdf 200kb)

Thermoprocessed poultry products and by-products - May 2014 (pdf 3.50mb)


Last Modified: July 8, 2014