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International Animal Export Regulations


Mexico - Summary of Requirements (continued)

Documents Required

The following documents are required and shall be submitted to the official veterinarian prior to the inspection of the animals.

A. Sanitary permit for importation.
B. Origin Health Certificate (VS form 17-140) or computer-generated document, duly signed, and endorsed by VS.
C. Dip Certificate, if applicable.
D. Registration Certificate, if applicable.
E. Original and copy of the commercial invoice.
F. Any additional documents to permit compliance with the requirements established in the regulations.

Other Information

The U.S. Origin Health Certificate must be typewritten. Mexican Port Veterinarians will reject any certificates that are handwritten.

Advance Notification

The official veterinarian at the port of entry shall be notified of the pending arrival of animals at the authorized facility by the importer or his agent 24 hours in advance of the arrival of the animals.

Authorized Facilities

Animals to be exported to Mexico will remain in the authorized facility a minimum of 24 hours and may be subjected to procedures of quarantine, clinical observation, inspection, disinfection, immunization, diagnostic tests, or application of appropriate animal health safety measures if the official veterinarian determines that the shipment does not meet all specifications.

Spanish terms used in listing:

M.V.Z. - Medico Veterinario Zootecnista
Delegado - Veterinarian in Charge
Garita - Building housing official offices such as customs


Last Modified: April 8, 2009