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Animal Export Regulations History


Data is sorted in reverse chronological order

Action Performed
3/25/14 Uruguay Bovine Bovine Semen Protocol /HC updated added Schmallenberg disease certification
3/10/14 Ecuador Laboratory Animals New Health Certificate added
3/10/14 Canada Cattle, Other Ruminants Removed anaplasmosis requirements
2/27/14 Mexico Poultry HC for SPF eggs to Mexico that will maintain and expand exports to that country
2/26/14 Switzerland Pets Additional information about exporting pets to Switzerland.
2/25/14 Chile Equine new HC to facilitate the participation in equestrian competition.
2/25/14 Japan Poultry

Japan has banned the importation of all poultry and birds from the state of New Jersey.

2/24/14 Mexico Bovine

a new protocol to open exports of Bison to Mexico.

2/13/14 Philippines Cattle and Sheep/Goats

bluetongue testing requirements were updated.

2/13/14 Ireland Pets Additional information about importing pet rodents, rabbits and pet birds to Ireland
2/12/14 Panama Poultry New HC added to Poultry for Exhibition to Panama
2/12/14 Chile Pets a new pet rabbit HC to open the market of Chile
2/11/14 Argentina Equine Health certificate added for horses returning to Argentina after competition in USA
2/6/14 Turkey Bovine Breeding cattle health certificated updated.
1/28/14 Kazakhstan Bovine,Equine and swine Additional clarification for field.
1/22/14 Italy Bovine Bilingual Annex III health certificate added.
1/22/14 Hungary Pets Pet reptiles, rodents and amphibians bilingual health certificate added
1/22/14 Chile Pets

Translating the certification statement into Spanish.

1/14/14 Switzerland Pets Providing updated information.
1/13/14 Netherland Pets New statement added
1/6/14 Ecuador Poultry New Health Certificate added for Poults


Last Modified: March 25, 2014