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Regulations and Assessments


Direct final rule This type of rule can be thought of as a short cut for noncontroversial rules. It is not used for any rule that is likely to generate an adverse comment. (An adverse comment is defined as any comment that suggests that we change our rule or withdraw it.) A direct final rule contains:

  • A preamble, which includes:
    • an explanation of the rule
    • an analysis of the anticipated economic effects of the rule
    • a deadline for submitting comments (usually 30 days after publication)
    • a tentative effective date (usually 60 days after publication).
  • The actual additions or changes to our regulations, as they would appear in the Code of Federal Regulations.

If any adverse comments are received by the close of the comment period, the direct final rule must be withdrawn, and the Agency must issue a proposed rule. If no adverse comments are received by the close of the comment period, the direct final rule will become effective on the date specified.

To ensure that the public has adequate notice of whether a direct final rule will become effective as indicated, APHIS publishes a brief notice after the comment period closes, either affirming the effective date or, if we have received an adverse comment, withdrawing the direct final rule.


Last Modified: July 14, 2008
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