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Inside APHIS is a quarterly newsletter serving all APHIS employees by delivering Agency news, providing useful workplace information, and connecting employees from across the Agency to our shared mission, common challenges, and significant accomplishments.

Current and recent issues of Inside APHIS are available electronically in two file formats.  The pdf format includes text and graphics. The txt format contains only text and should be the faster option for employees using a dial-up connection.

New issues are announced via e-mail to all APHIS employees.  Please contact us by e-mail if you are not receiving notice of new issues. 

Also, we encourage you to offer your suggestions, comments, or ideas for stories. Send your e-mails to:









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Contributing to Inside APHIS


What should I do if I have a story idea or want to contribute an article to Inside APHIS?
Whether you have a suggestion for a story or are interested in writing an article yourself, we certainly welcome your interest in contributing to the newsletter.

The first step is to call or e-mail Inside APHIS editor John Scott to talk about your story idea. 

If your interest is in writing, remember that contacting the editor before preparing a draft is helpful for several reasons.  Working with the editor in advance can help shape the story’s content and length in a way that best fits the newsletter.  It also helps address any questions about deadlines, available space in upcoming issues, and the best timing for an article to appear in the newsletter.

Contact John at (301) 851-4068 or by e-mail at

How often is the newsletter published? When are the deadlines?
Inside APHIS is a quarterly newsletter published in January, April, July, and October. 

Typically, first drafts are due to the editor 1 month prior to publication unless other arrangements have been made.

What types of stories is Inside APHIS looking for?
We’re looking for stories that will be of interest to fellow APHIS employees—with information that readers would either want to know or need to know.

We’re interested in stories that reflect the full range of APHIS activities and the many talents of your coworkers.  If you have a story idea about something new or unique, we want to hear.  The newsletter is a great way to help one another learn about APHIS’ diverse people and programs and efforts at all levels and locations of the agency.

We’re also interested in stories that help others improve their work or better tackle challenges in the workplace.  If you have a story idea, anecdote, or tip that others can learn from, let us know.

How long should articles be?
People are busy and often overwhelmed by the amount of information that crosses their desks.  To keep the newsletter inviting to agency readers, we run articles of varying length and try to cap articles at about 500–550 words.

If you have an article idea that seems too lengthy, don’t dismiss it as a potential story.  Contact the newsletter editor for suggestions on ways to prioritize key points and manage the level of detail.

If you have an idea that seems too short, don’t rule that out, either.  We need a mix of stories, and readers enjoy concise articles (200–250 words) that provide interesting information. 

What about awards?
It’s important to recognize the significant accomplishments of fellow agency employees, and we encourage people to contact us with information about newsworthy awards.

Unfortunately, the newsletter can’t feature all of the awards earned by APHIS employees.  Space simply does not allow.  We hope that readers and contributors alike understand our space limitations and the need to balance the newsletter’s overall content.

What happens after I contact the editor?
The process of preparing a draft varies and is often a collaborative one.  In some cases, you might want only to submit the story idea and to provide basic background information.  In other cases, you might choose to talk about your ideas with the editor first and then develop the draft yourself.

After submission, all articles undergo editing to some degree.  Editing is provided to help contributors communicate clearly and to ensure that Inside APHIS remains a valuable and interesting resource to agency readers.

Submitting Articles/Photos


Article ideas, drafts, and photos are always welcome for consideration. Typically, drafts are due to the editor 1 month prior to publication. Prior to drafting and submitting articles, employees should contact newsletter editor for guidance concerning article content and length and to discuss space availability.

Inside APHIS
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