Administrative Notices
This USDA website will not be updated during a lapse in federal funding. Content on this website will not be current or maintained until funding issues have been resolved.  Media should contact with questions.

Administrative Notices

Administrative Notices are temporary, one-time issuances that normally address a single subject or action, establish short-term programs or interim procedures, or make announcements. If information contained in a notice is of a permanent nature, it must be issued in a directive or handbook/manual.

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Number Title Issue Date Expiration Date Available Formats
APHIS 13-1 Off-Highway Vehicles, Powered Equipment, and Boating Safety 03/18/13 06/30/14 PDF
APHIS 13-2 First Aid Kit Program 03/18/13 06/30/14 PDF
APHIS 13-3 Laboratory Ventilation Management 03/19/13 06/30/14 PDF


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