MRP Forms

MRP Forms

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Revision Date, Other Info


MRP 2 Yes

Request and Authorization for Regularly Scheduled Overtime Work

08/2106 PDF
MRP 3  Yes Request for Clearance/Approval of Issuance 03/2012 PDF
MRP 4 Yes Request For Authorization of Relocation Expenses 08/2011 DOC
MRP 5 No Self Certification Medical Statement 05/2003 PDF
MRP 10-R Yes Request for Special Travel 07/1998 PDF
MRP-13 Yes Request for Special Travel 08/2013 DOC
MRP 18-R Yes Work Restriction Evaluation Removed 06/12 Obsolete
MRP 19-R Yes Work Schedule 08/2000 PDF
MRP 20-R No Change in Motor Vehicle Trade-in 10/2002 PDF
MRP 26 No WC Long Term Management 03/2009 PDF
MRP 27 No WC Short Term Management 03/2009 PDF
MRP 28 No WC Telephone Log 03/2009 PDF
MRP 29 No Long Term Management Rating Scale 03/2009 PDF
MRP 30 No Reasonable Accommodation Reassignment 03/2011 PDF
MRP 40R No

When Injured at Work Checklist - Occupational Illness or Disease

05/2012 DOC
MRP 41R No

When Injured at Work Checklist - Traumatic Injury

05/2012 DOC
MRP 52-R No Request 01/1997 PDF
MRP 62-R Yes Employee Travel Advance Request 09/2012 DOC
MRP 65 No Annual Vehicle Inspection 08/2000 PDF
MRP 74-R No Vehicle Sharing Checklist 06/2006 PDF
MRP 75 No Federal Vehicle Registration 06/2006 PDF
MRP 111 No Space Condition Report - Used to document the condition of leased space when you move in or out. 03/2009 PDF
MRP 112 Yes Lease Market Survey - When searching for new space, complete this form for each potential location you visit.
01/2009 DOC
MRP 114 NA Request for Changes to Space and Field Office and Lease of Facilities NA Contact Us
MRP 123


Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident/Unsafe Practice Checklist



MRP 124-R No Safety Checklist for Towing/Carrying Equipment 06/2006 PDF
MRP 125-R No Defensive Driver Training Log 10/2002 PDF
MRP 135-R Yes Motor Vehicle Authorization 04/2016 PDF
MRP 139 No Employee Record of Commute in Government Vehicle 12/2000 PDF
MRP 139-R No Employee Record of Commute in Government Vehicle 10/2002 PDF
MRP 145-R Yes Superior Qualifications Appointments 06/2014 PDF
MRP 146-R Yes Statement of Understanding 10/2002 PDF
MRP 147-R Yes Annual Salary Computation Sheet for Superior Qualifications Appointments 10/2002 PDF
MRP 208 No Request to Engage in Non-Federal Employment or Activity 06/2000 PDF
MRP 210-R Yes Flexible Workplace Agreement N/A Employees Only Teleworks Web site Employees Only
MRP 211R No Flexible Workplace Employee/Supervisor Checklist N/A Abolished
MRP 219 No Nonstandard Tour of Duty or Split-Shift 03/2000 PDF
MRP 250-R Yes Release to Obtain Student Loan Information  08/2015 PDF
MRP 251-R Yes MRP Service Agreement for Receipt of Repayment of Student Loan(s) 08/2015 PDF
MRP 252-R Yes Recommendation and Approval of the Repayment of Student Loan(s)  08/2015 PDF
MRP 263 No Tour of Duty Schedule 03/2000 PDF
MRP 315-R No Vehicle Condition Questionnaire 06/2006 PDF
MRP 345-R No Time and Attendance Log 10/2001 PDF
MRP 346 Yes Designation of Tour of Duty
09/2008 DOC
MRP 347 Yes Substitute of Earned Paid Time Off for Annual/Sick Leave Indebtedness 10/2008 DOC
MRP 350 Yes Statement or Earnings and Leave (SEL) Waiver Request Form (or Cancellation) 10/2007 PDF
MRP 352 Yes webTA Access Request Form 07/2011 PDF
MRP 400 Yes Request to Schedule an Electronic Information System 06/2006 Employees Only PDF Employees Only
MRP 401 Yes Records File Plan 08/2016 PDF
MRP 401A Yes Records File Plan Continuation Sheet 08/2016 PDF
MRP 3052 Yes Acknowledgment of Employee Rules of Behavior (ROB) for Government Furnished Mobile 06/2015 PDF


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