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APHIS Forms, Issuances and Records Library

Administrative Notices are temporary, one-time issuances that normally address a single subject or action, establish short-term programs or interim procedures, or make announcements. If information contained in a notice is of a permanent nature, it must be issued in a directive or handbook/manual.

Directives are permanent issuances that are in force until canceled. Directives are used to issue delegations of authority, basic policies, and operating instructions. AMS and GIPSA Directives also are available. For Freedom of Information Act link, click here. FOIA

Manuals & Guidelines are permanent issuances which give technical guidance and detailed procedures on a particular subject or function, generally of the type that must be referred to on a daily or frequent basis.

Forms A current APHIS Forms Catalog lists all available APHIS and program forms and where the forms are stocked. The FGIS Forms Catalog , FGIS Obsolete Forms and the PSP Forms Catalog also are available.

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