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Protecting Livestock from Predators – Bigger Dogs for Bigger Predators

Leptospirosis in Feral Swine

HPAI Emergency Response

Can Relocated Beaver Help Restore Salmon Habitat?

NWRC Partnership with Private Firm Wins Award and Helps Fight Invasive Snakes

Boosting Bird Research and Outreach

Preventing Mouse Invasions

Forecasting Rabies  

Flow Devices to Prevent Beaver Damage

Citric Acid and Endangered Hoary Bats

Solar Arrays at Airports: Do They Increase Birdstrike Risks?

Presidential Award for Migratory Bird Stewardship

Aerial Bait Drops to Reduce Invasive Brown Treesnakes

Testing a Repellent for Use on Sweet Corn

Livestock Protection Dogs  

Data on Eastern Coyotes

Keeping Deer Off Runways

New Focus on Eagle-Aircraft Strikes

New Tools in Fight Against Burmese Pythons

Whooo's the Boss

Species Most Hazardous to Wildlife

Gulls and Water Quality

Making Contact: Feral Swine and Commercial Swine Farms

Learnings From Gambian Rat Eradication

Tapping Renewable Energy Potential at Airports           

APHIS/Wildlife Services 2011 Research Needs
Assessment now available 

Making Rabies History

Boosting Endangered Sea Turtles

Food Safety Issues and Feral Pig Meat 

Flight Patterns of Vultures and What They Mean to Aircraft

Cleaning Up CWD in Soil

Rubbing Canids the Right Way - Coyote & Wolf Sampling

APHIS/Wildlife Services 2011 Research Needs
Assessment now available 

Making Rabies History

Boosting Endangered Sea Turtles

Starlings Linked to Disease at Feedlots

What Birds Tell Us About Bird-Strikes

Online Chemical Effects Database Now Available

New Study Looks at Coyote Predation on Endangered Black-footed Ferrets

Sniffing Out Disease

Historical Look at Trapping

Rodent-proof Nest Box Protects Endangered Bird

WRC Highlights Technology Transfer to Businesses

New Combined Wildlife Repellent-Rodenticide Bait May Reduce Non-Target Hazards

What if? Economic Impacts of Brown Tree Snakes to Hawaii

FAA Funds Avian Radar Evaluation

Preventing the Spread of bTB by Deer

Multiple-Capture Trap for Invasive Bullfrogs

NWRC Scientists Help Save Wild Dogs and African Lions

Avian Influenza Research Accomplishments

Learning How Birds Perceive Aircraft

Enhancing Deer Awareness of Approaching Vehicles

Bears Prefer Minivans

The Cost of Cormorants: a New York Perspective

OvoControl Receives Governor's Award

Scientists Combine GonaCon TMand Rabies Vaccines for Use with Stray Dogs 

Is that Farm-raised or Wild Fish You're Eat'n? Determining Cormorant Diets

New Developments in the Use of Lights to Scare Birds From Aircraft

Keeping Earthworms off Runways

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