Brown Treesnake Aerial Bait Broadcasts

Brown Treesnake Aerial Bait Broadcasts


The NWRC has developed and is evaluating the aerial broadcast of acetaminophen-treated mice baits to reduce the population of invasive brown treesnakes (BTS) on Guam.

Starting in 2013, two 55-hectare forest plots on Guam will be aerially treated with acetaminophen mouse baits and compared to an untreated 55-hectare reference site over a 16-month period. NWRC scientists will monitor snake and rodent abundance before, during, and after the drops to evaluate the overall effectiveness and environmental impact of the baiting operation.

This effort is a culmination of over 15 years of research by scientists at the NWRC in collaboration with their project partners with the Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, and the Guam Department of Agriculture. The successful aerial delivery of an effective chemical control agent is a critical next step towards developing a method for large area control of brown treesnakes, reaching snakes in remote and inaccessible areas of Guam, and to support possible wildlife restoration efforts on Guam.






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