2016 Program Data Reports
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2016 Program Data Reports

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Click on links below to view information about each PDR. You may click on a thumbnail pie chart to go to additional data and information about a PDR.

Wildlife Services reserves the right to revise the current or any past Program Data Reports
to reflect discovery of discrepancies in data presented. Notice of such revisions and their
dates will be made on 
this site when revised versions are posted.


PDR A Information 

Resource Category Listing of WS Operations Line Item 
(Including HPAI) Funding and Cooperative Funding


PDR B Information
Threatened & Endangered Species Conservation Expenditures


PDR C Information
Resource Types Affected by Wildlife Damage


PDR D Information
Technical Assistance Projects Conducted by Wildlife Services


PDR E Information
Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports


PDR F Information
Wildlife Disease Sampling Conducted


PDR G Information
Animals Dispersed / Killed or Euthanized / Freed


Complementary Content