PPQ Program Overview

PPQ Program Overview

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) safeguards U.S. agriculture and natural resources against the entry, establishment, and spread of economically and environmentally significant pests, and facilitates the safe trade of agricultural products.

Organizational Structure

Strategic Plans

PPQ and NPB Strategic Alliance

Together, PPQ and the NPB work to utilize our respective federal and state authorities, assets, and expertise to safeguard plant health and enable safe trade. The Strategic Alliance documents the nature of the PPQ-NPB relationship and the top priorities to be pursued by the two organizations.

Safeguarding System Review

A comprehensive stakeholder review of and recommendations to improve PPQ’s safeguarding system.

PPQ Deputy Administrator’s Safeguarding Award

This award recognizes initiatives and innovations that make significant contributions to furthering the goal of safeguarding American agriculture and plant resources.

Student Programs

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