Gypsy Moth Partner Toolkit

Gypsy Moth Partner Toolkit

USDA has created a number of outreach materials to help its partners, which include moving companies and associations, environmental groups and advocates, and government agencies, to spread the word about the gypsy moth. With this toolkit, our partners can reach out to people moving or traveling out of an infested area and explain the steps they can take to protect America's forests and comply with Federal law. The partner toolkit elements are free and can be downloaded with the links below.

We hope that our partners will:


To order the brochure: Visit Click the "Search" button at the top of the page (the fourth button from the left). Enter "PA-2147" in the "Item Number" text box and uncheck the box next to "AGRICULTURE MARKETING SERVICE (AMS)." Click the "Perform Search" button and follow the instructions on the results page.

For more information about the gypsy moth program, please visit:

For more information about what you can do to avoid moving the gypsy moth, please visit:

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