Timber or Timber Products
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Timber or Timber Products

USDA requires permits for the importation of logs, lumber, and other unmanufactured wood products into the United States under the authority of 7 CFR 319.40.

  • Apply for a Permit - Use PPQ Form 585 , Application for Permit to Import Timber or Timber Products


If you are importing timber and/or timber products regulated under CITES, fill out PPQ Form 585 and PPQ Form 621.

Frequently Asked Questions 
View a list of the frequently asked questions associated with applying for a wood product permit.

Import Requirements 

Pinus spp. from Canada: New Import Requirements 

Pallet Summary

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding the timber or timber product application process, please call (301) 851-2046 or Email: wood.permits@aphis.usda.gov.


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