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International Animal Export Regulations

International Animal Export Regulations

*NEW USDA APHIS User Fee Increases Effective October 1, 2012*
Effective October 1, 2012, User Fees have increased for APHIS services, including those for the import and export of live animals, animal products and animal by-products. More information can be found at the following links:

Increase Cost of User Fees (pdf 47kb)
9CFR 130.2 User Fees


International health certificates for the export of animals from the United States are completed by the accredited veterinarian who certifies herd and animal health status, conducts tests, and records test results for the individual animals being exported. Completed and signed international health certificates for the export of animals from the United States must be endorsed by a Veterinary Services area office in order to be valid.

The United States has minimal requirements for animals to be exported to other countries. Your Area Veterinarian-in-Charge can provide you with the current regulations, tests, and inspections required. Approved ports of embarkation and shipping requirements can be found in 9 CFR 91. Each country may have other specific health requirements for entry of animals. These requirements are established by the importing country, not the United States. Other countries may also have their own certificate format for export. Since export requirements frequently change, obtain the current export requirements from the Veterinary Service office in your area before each shipment. Do not rely solely on information provided by brokers and exporters. Export certificates are official documents and they should be typewritten, accurate, and complete.

Live Animal Export: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations for exporting animals or animal products to a foreign country, you should contact the APHIS-VS Area Office in the State from which the animals or products will be exported.

List of ports for Animal Exports

Feed, Water and Rest Station

List of Countries

For countries not listed, the requirements are not known. However, exporters wanting to ship animal products should have the interested party (importer/buyer) in the destination country contact the appropriate ministry for the specific requirements.

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