Agreements Services Center (ASC)
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Agreements Services Center (ASC)

Michael Peranio Branch Chief, FSB 3B-06C 301-851-2835 Location: Riverdale, MD
Duane Barlow Supervisory Grants Management Specialist 3B-06A 301-851-2744 Location: Riverdale, MD
Eileen Berke Team Lead - AC, BRS, COFAR, A-123, Policy, Cubicle: 3B-06.3 301-851-2856 Location: Riverdale, MD
Emily Brown Management Analyst - MRPBS/HR, EMSSD, FMD, WS Rabies, APHIS Indirect Cost Rate Negotiations Cubicle: 3D-04.21 301-851-2848 Location: Riverdale, MD
Christina Cannon Management Analyst - MRPBS/AAMD, ITD, IES, PPD, LPA, Departmental Services Cubicle: 3D-04.27 301-851-2849 Location: Riverdale, MD
Dawn Halvorson Management Analyst - VS, PPQ/VS Trust Funds, IS Interagency Agreements Cubicle: 3B-06.5 301-851-2837 Location: Riverdale, MD
Vicky Irving Management Analyst - VS, PPQ/VS Trust Funds, IS Cubicle: 3D-04.20 301-851-2847 Location: Riverdale, MD
Harvey Kincaid Team Lead - Policy, Agency Training on Agreements, VS, IS Cubicle: 3B-06.4 301-851-2795 Location: Riverdale, MD
Christina Klaus Management Analyst - PPQ/HQ Cubicle: 3B-06.1 301-851-2831 Location: Riverdale, MD
Tammie Long Team Lead - OA, PPQ/HQ, Policy, ACMS Agreements Inventory Administrator, FFATA (Agreements only) Cubicle: 3B-06.2  301-851-2851 Location: Riverdale, MD
Daphne Reid Management Analyst - PPQ/HQ, ACMS Agreements Inventory Backup Cubicle: 3B-06.8 301-851-2862 Location: Riverdale, MD
Heather Trainum Management Analyst - WS (Except Rabies) Cubicle: 3D-04.28 301-851-2838 Location: Riverdale, MD


Mailing Address:
Agreements Services Center
4700 River Road, Unit 55
Riverdale, MD  20737

Please note:  When sending information to the staff via regular mail, the unit number must be included in the address.  For overnight and U.P.S. delivery, please also insert the room number of the addressee above.


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