Administrative Investigations & Compliance Branch
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Administrative Investigations & Compliance Branch

The Administrative, Investigations and Compliance Branch (AICB) supports APHIS by conducting investigations & fact-findings of possible misconduct involving violations of Federal laws, rules, and regulations. The AICB staff is available to assist and guide APHIS leaders to help effectively manage the performance and conduct of their workforce by providing advisory services and training on effective communication and fact-finding on misconduct allegations.

The AICB is also responsible for:

  • Monitoring and reporting travel credit card delinquency and/or misuse;
  • Monitoring government equipment and computer system misuse; and,
  • Responding to, and acting as a liaison with the Office of Inspector General (OIG), with regard to OIG Hotline Complaints that are referred to the Agency for further action.

Please contact the Administrative Investigations and Compliance Branch at (301) 851-2915.

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