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General Information about USAJobs


Q: Why do I have to use USAJOBS to apply for a job? 

A: Most Federal agencies use USAJOBS to recruit applicants for their positions. The Department of Agriculture, has integrated its job search system with USAJOBS to make it quicker and easier for applicants to find and apply for jobs in which they are interested. You must create a user account and at least one Federal resume at USAJOBS. Information you provide in USAJOBS is general information completed by all applicants. The information you provide and your Federal resume will become part of your application and will automatically be transferred to the USDA Recruitment System, when you apply on-line.

Q: How do I register with USAJOBS?

A: Open your Internet browser, and Go to USAJobs. If you have not used USAJOBS previously, you will need to create a new account, choose a user name and password and then login. Creating an account will enable you to post your resume online, apply to Federal jobs, and receive automated job alerts. 

Q: Do I have to use USAJOBS to search for APHIS, AMS or GIPSA vacancy announcements?

A: Yes, USAJOBS is the only portal we are using to list vacancy announcements for APHIS, AMS or GIPSA.

Q: What happens in USDA's recruitment system? 

A: In the USDA system you will answer vacancy specific questions necessary to evaluate your qualifications for the specific job to which you are applying. When completed, the information you provided at USAJOBS and the answers to the questions will become your application. After the vacancy closes, the Human Resource Specialist uses the USDA Recruitment System to identify well-qualified candidates and refer them for consideration for the vacancy.

Q: I don't understand why USAJOBS won't let me in. 

A: Please review the procedures for logging into USAJOBS. Instructions are provided on the web site for your assistance. Remember, you must be a registered user of USAJOBS before you can apply for AMS, APHIS or GIPSA jobs, and your user id and password are case sensitive. For assistance with your username and password, you may contact USAJOBS directly via email:

Q: I'm unable able to locate merit promotion announcements?

A: If you are trying to apply for a merit promotion / status vacancy and are unable to locate the announcement, it may be the USAJOBS settings. When searching for merit promotion vacancies, be sure the [Current Search] criteria selected is [All Jobs (I'll Determine If I can Apply)]. If [Only Jobs Open to ALL U.S. Citizens] is selected, merit promotion vacancies will not appear. To view a sample search click: Searching for merit promotion vacancies.

Q: Will the system work with all browser types?

A: At this time USAJOBS has only been tested against and confirmed compatible Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8; Firefox 3; Safari for Mac. If you are using any other web browser to complete your application you may experience errors, missing text or you may be unable to complete your application on-line.

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