Animal Welfare News and Announcements

Animal Welfare News and Announcements

Stakeholder Messages

To keep interested parties informed of USDA Animal Care news and updates, we began sending out stakeholder messages via our agency’s stakeholder registry in November 2012. 

Click here to view all stakeholder messages.

It is easy (and free) to receive our future stakeholder messages directly. If you are interested, please register here . When registering, you can select the topics that most interest you. For example, you can choose to receive messages solely relating to elephants or enforcement or research facilities, or you can choose to receive all Animal Care messages.

Animal Welfare News

2016:  USDA Animal Care has unveiled its 5-year strategic plan. Everyone will see a role for themselves in the strategic plan,  which is located here.

2006 - Present:  USDA news releases involving animal welfare can be found in the APHIS Newsroom.


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