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NCAH Portal Access Information

Access to the NCAH Portal is strictly controlled through a combination of security features. CVB Notices 16-14 and 17-03 contain access requirements. This page is designed to help you understand how to fulfill those requirements.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to NCAH Portal access
An easy to follow guide for establishments that are licensed or have met the eligibility requirements for new establishments. 

Click here for eligibility requirements for new establishments *updated 5/7/2019
Pre-license establishments may or may not be eligible for access to the NCAH Portal depending on where they are in the licensing process.

eAuthentication Guidance Materials
Individual user access to the NCAH Portal is controlled by eAuthentication (eAuth); which is a separate USDA entity from the CVB. User access to CVB submissions on the NCAH Portal require a Level 2 eAuth account. Posted below are user materials, FAQs and contact information for eAuth. If you have issues obtaining an eAuth account or access after getting an account, contact eAuth as CVB cannot help you with these.



Complementary Content