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NCAH Portal Guidance for CVB Submitters
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NCAH Portal Guidance for CVB Submitters

The NCAH Portal is an external-facing Web Portal that allows for electronic communications between external stakeholders and NCAH agencies, including the Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB).

See CVB Notices 16-14 and 17-03 for more information on access requirements and the use of the NCAH Portal for CVB submissions and correspondence.

NCAH Portal is available for all active CVB licensed firms and permittees to submit data for the following: Shipment and Receipt of Biologics Samples (APHIS Form 2020), Veterinary Biologics Production and Testing Report (APHIS Form 2008), Qualification of Veterinary Biologics Personnel (APHIS Form 2007), Inspection and Compliance Correspondence (APHIS Form 2048), Policy, Evaluation, and Licensing Correspondence (APHIS Form 2049), Official Export Certificate for Animal Biological Products (APHIS 2017), Certificate of Licensing and Inspection (unrestricted license - English and Spanish) (APHIS 2046 and 2046S), Certificate of Licensing and Inspection (restricted license - English and Spanish) (APHIS 2047 and 2047S).

To help users learn how to gain access to the NCAH Portal, the different capabilities of user's roles, and how to use the various functions available there are guidance materials posted below. If you feel you need more help, please contact the CVB at

Click here for step-by-step guides on how to get access to the NCAH Portal
There are specific steps that need to be taken prior to a firm being enabled to use the NCAH Portal. The steps may be different dependent on a firm's establishment status.

Click here to see User Guides
The User Guides are designed to be used individually or together to show you how to use the NCAH Portal for different tasks. Answers to some common questions are also addressed in the additional information found in these guides.

Click here to see Training Videos
The videos will show you how to use the NCAH Portal for different tasks. They can be used individually or in conjunction with the User Guides.

Click here to see Archived Newsletters
Newsletters are emailed periodically to NCAH Portal users to share information on updates, helpful tips and tricks and important reminders. Archived versions of those newsletters are posted here for reference.


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