Draft Guidance Documents for Comment

Draft Guidance Documents for Comment

The following list contains drafts of proposed guidance documents. In an effort to get fair and balanced input from the veterinary biologics industry prior to finalizing guidance documents, the CVB posts selected draft guidance documents for a 3-week comment period. See CVB Notice 05-16.

If you wish to have your comments on any of the draft documents listed below considered by the CVB, use the following procedure:
1) Submit comments by e-mail addressed to cvb@aphis.usda.gov.
2) Format the subject line of the e-mail to read "Comments on draft notice/memo <insert ID number>"
3) Submit comments by 12:00 PM (central time) on the due date indicated for each document.
4) The CVB will acknowledge receipt of the comments by return e-mail. Responses to e-mail content will not be provided.

VS 800 series Memoranda and CVB Notices - Historical Summary of Proposed Documents (October 5, 2017)

CVB Notices
Title ID Due Date


Veterinary Services Memoranda
Title ID Due Date
Licensing Guidelines for Production Platform Technology-Based, Non-Replicating, Nonviable Vaccines 601

December 4, 2017
extended to
December 22, 2017

Prescription Platform Product Biologics 602

December 26, 2017

Other Documents
Title ID Due Date


Complementary Content