NVAP Training Modules for Accreditation Renewal and/or RACE-Approved CE Credit

NVAP Training Modules for Accreditation Renewal and/or RACE-Approved CE Credit

NVAP Training Modules are available in three formats:

1. Lectures at Upcoming Veterinary Conferences

2. PDF/USB at Training Modules Order Form

3. Online as follows:


For RACE-approved CE-credit only, proceed to the bottom of the page and select the title of the training module link you wish to complete.

For accreditation renewal, carefully read the following:

  1. You must know your 6 digit National Accreditation Number (NAN) to access each module Certificate of Completion. If you do not know your NAN, please contact your local NVAP Coordinator.
  2. You must retain your Certificate of Completion.
    • The information contained on the certificate will be needed for accreditation renewal when you submit your application.
    • Keep your Certificate of Completion forever. You may be requested to display your Certificate of Completion during periodic training audits.
    • At the conclusion of each module, be prepared to print your Certificate of Completion or save it in PDF format to a secure file.
  3. Category I Accredited Veterinarians must complete 3 units of AAST anytime within their three-year renewal period to renew their accreditation. Similarly, Category II Accredited Veterinarians must complete 6 units of AAST anytime within their three-year renewal period.
  4. An online accreditation renewal process is available on this website. Do not submit copies or originals of any Certificate of Completion to APHIS. If you do not know your accreditation renewal date, please contact your NVAP Coordinator.
  5. NVAP strongly recommends you not postpone the renewal process until just before your accreditation expires. The database you access to take your APHIS Approved Supplemental Training and retrieve your certificates of completion, as well as the database you access to apply for renewal of accreditation may be unavailable at any time due to maintenance schedules or technical problems outside our control.
  6. Each module of AAST represents one unit of training, and takes approximately one hour to complete. AAST may be completed free of charge by selecting the title of the Training Module links below:
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