NVSL Pathobiology Laboratory

NVSL Pathobiology Laboratory


The Pathobiology Laboratory (PL) conducts a wide range of diagnostic testing and support services. The laboratory provides training and proficiency testing for National Animal Health Laboratory Network laboratories conducting transmissible spongiform encephalopathy testing. The PL is also the national confirmatory laboratory for diagnosis of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in the United States. In addition, the PL assists in safeguarding the U.S. animal export market by performing fraudulent blood screening tests for animals being exported from the United States.

The PL provides pathology and other diagnostic laboratory support for Veterinary Services animal disease surveillance/eradication/control efforts including bovine tuberculosis, BSE in cattle, scrapie in sheep, chronic wasting disease in deer and elk, and psoroptic mange in sheep.

The PL supports the cattle fever tick eradication program by performing chemical analyses on pesticide solutions used in dip tanks and sprayers to ensure safe, effective concentrations. PL supports the national tick surveillance program through the identification of ticks found on imported animals and also assists with the screwworm eradication program by identifying suspected screwworm fly larvae. Additionally, the PL performs chemical analysis of veterinary biological products to help ensure their safety.

PL contact information:
Director: Vacant
Phone: (515) 337-7526
Fax: (515) 233-9197


Pathology, Parasitology and Entomology Section
Head:  Dr. Mark Hall
Phone:  (515) 337-7927
E-mail:  mark.hall@aphis.usda.gov

Chemistry and Analytical Services Section
Head:  Dr. Walter Hyde
Phone:  (515) 337-7897
E-mail: walter.g.hyde@aphis.usda.gov







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