Certification Statements

Certification Statements

The official health certificate must include statements that the horse has:

(a) Resided in the exporting county for 60 days immediately preceding importation to the United States. If that has not been the case, then the official veterinarian from a country where the horse has been for 60 days prior to importation into the United States must issue the health certificate.

(b) Not been in a country where contagious equine metritis (CEM) is known to exist, nor has had any contact with horses, by breeding or in any manner exposed, from such a country, for the 12 months preceding exportation.

(c) Not been on a premises where African horse sickness, dourine, glanders, surra, epizootic lymphangitis, ulcerative lymphangitis, equine piroplasmosis, equine infectious anemia (EIA), contagious equine metritis (CEM), vesicular stomatitis, or Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis has occurred during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation, nor have any of these disease occurred on any adjoining premised during the same period of time.

(d) Not been vaccinated for any diseases during the 14 days immediately preceding exportation.

(e) Been inspected and found to be free of contagious diseases and insofar as can be determined, exposure thereto during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation.

(f) Been inspected and found free from ectoparasites.

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