Contact BRS

Contact BRS

Regular Mail

Biotechnology Resource Services (BRS)
4700 River Road, Unit 147
Riverdale, MD 20737


  1. To contact a biotechnologist or for regulatory questions regarding the importation, interstate movement, and environmental release of genetically engineered (GE) organisms that may pose a pest risk to plants:
  2. Unauthorized or accidental release of regulated article or compliance issue, accidental or unauthorized release of a regulated article:
  3. To inquire "Am I Regulated?", read the instructions and then send your letter of inquiry via e-mail to:


  • BRS Headquarters: (301) 851-3877.
  • Media Inquiries: APHIS Legislative and Public Affairs, (301) 851-4100.
  • Questions on Regulatory Requirements or Application Status for GE Organisms: (301) 851-3886.
  • BRS Compliance: (301) 851-3935, by fax at: (301) 734-8669.
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