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USDA-APHIS-Animal Care Policy Manual

Last Modified: 03/07/2014
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Policy Title
Policy #1: Control of Tuberculosis in Regulated Elephants
Policy #2: Submission of Traveling Exhibitor Itinerary
Policy #3: Veterinary Care
Policy #4: Necropsy Requirements
Policy #5: Regulation of Wild/Exotic Animal Auctions Under the Animal Welfare Act
Policy #6: Space and Exercise Requirements for Traveling Exhibitors
Policy #7: Brachiating Species of Nonhuman Primates
Policy #8: Criteria for Licensing Hoofstock Dealers
Policy #9: Adequate Enclosures for Flying Species and Aquatic Species
Policy #10: Specific Activities Requiring a License or Registration
Policy #11: Painful and Distressful Procedures
Policy #12: Consideration of Alternatives to Painful/Distressful Procedures
Policy #13: Animal Identification
Policy #14: Major Survival Surgery Dealers Selling Surgically-Altered Animals to Research
Policy #15: Institutional Official and IACUC Membership
Policy #16: Proper Diets for Nondomestic Felids
Policy #17: Regulation of Agricultural Animals
Policy #18: Health Certificate for Dogs, Cats, and Nonhuman Primates
Policy #19: Capture Methods of Prairie Dogs
Policy #20: Licensing Sales of Dead Animals | Policies & Links | Digital Strategy | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement
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