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Welcome to the Biosecurity For Birds website.
Biosecurity for Birds is an initiative to help you keep your birds healthy. On this website, you will find useful information on backyard biosecurity practices you can use in your everyday routine of caring for your birds.

You are the best protection your birds have.
To keep them healthy, know how to spot contagious bird diseases.

Be sure to follow simple hygiene steps such as keeping cages and equipment clean and not sharing supplies with other poultry owners.

Chicken Whisperer Andy Schneider Returns as Campaign Spokesperson
Andy Schneider, better known as the Chicken Whisperer ®, is known across the country for his knowledge about raising and keeping backyard poultry safe from disease. Schneider is a national radio personality and author. He is entering his third year as spokesperson for the Biosecurity for Birds public awareness campaign focusing on keeping backyard poultry disease free.

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