Biosecurity Basics

Biosecurity means doing everything you can to keep diseases out of your flock. "Bio" refers to life, and "security" indicates protection. Biosecurity is the key to keeping your poultry healthy. It is what you do to reduce the chances of an infectious disease being carried to your farm, your backyard, your aviary, or your pet birds, by people, animals, equipment, or vehicles, either accidentally or on purpose.

Biosecurity for Poultry

As a poultry owner, you understand how important it is to keep your birds healthy. By practicing biosecurity, you can help reduce the chances of your birds being exposed to animal diseases such as avian influenza (AI) or exotic Newcastle disease (END).

Biosecurity for Pet Birds

Birds are very popular pets. Learn how you can protect these pets by practicing biosecurity and ensure that your birds stay healthy and happy.

Biosecurity for Wild Birds

The most severe form of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) seen in other parts of the world has not been found in the United States, but the global spread of this virus poses a threat to wild birds and domestic poultry. Wild migratory birds are a potential route for introduction and hunters and bird watchers may be the first to see the warning signs.